Monday, June 25, 2012

Dunwoody Odds & Ends

I received the following update from Councilman Denis Shortal late Sunday evening. 

My fellow citizens ... the following is a quick update on three items ... I will follow up with a more detailed update later this week...

1. City Council Date Change .... In case you haven't gotten the word this Monday's City Council meeting has been move to this Tuesday ... 26 JUN. The Work Session will be at 6 PM and the Regular Meeting will be at 7PM. The reason for the change is that some of the City Council members as well as city staff are attending the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) annual convention which concludes late tomorrow afternoon.
2. Ad Valorem Tax Rate .... We will vote on the City of Dunwoody Ad Valor em (property) tax rate for 2012 ... I think it is fairly well settles that the tax rate will remain at 2.74 mils. For the four straight year there will be no city property tax rate increase. I think we should all be proud of the fact that we have greatly increased services without increases taxes. FYI, if we had not incorporated as a city this tax rate would be approx. 30% higher. The challenge for all of us is to remain fiscally responsible to keep taxes low.
3. Property Tax Assessment Adjustment ... The (attached link) is a list of those properties in Dunwoody, as well as some other areas in DC, that have had the assessment adjusted. I received the list (FYI, my property didn't make the list) from our DC Commissioner, Elaine Boyer's office. Although the list is accurate as we know to date you will need to follow up with the DC Assessors Office to insure complete accuracy .... do not rely on the list as a final document.

Dunwoody Parade

The 4th of July Parade is just a little more than a week away.  While this year's parade will be a touch light on marching bands compared with years past, it will have a flyover by a Black Hawk helicopter that will land at Dunwoody Village Parkway, at approximately 8:30am.  While the Black Hawk is going to be a hit, especially with the younger kids, as a member of the parade committee I can tell you that it is somewhat of a logistics issue.  Not only is the propeller 57-feet long, but the helicopter will need another 100 feet perimeter to land safely (as you can see from the clicking here, the Black Hawk produces a pretty strong breeze)!

Green Market Move to Spruill Gallery

By Tom Odor
Dunwoody Patch

It’s official. The Dunwoody Green Market will relocate to the Spruill Gallery on July 18.
Paula Guilbeau, market president, and Robert Kinsey, Chief Executive Officer of the Spruill Center for the Arts, signed papers agreeing to the move and had them notarized last Wednesday at Piedmont Bank in Dunwoody Village. Guilbeau then obtained an administrative permit from the city allowing the market to do business at the gallery.
The permit is a Special Administrative Permit that allows temporary outdoor sales of merchandise from July 18 through November 21 at the Spruill Gallery, said Edie Daman, Marketing and Public Relations manager for the City of Dunwoody. The market will need to reapply for a permit to do business in 2013, Damann added.
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