Friday, July 20, 2012

911 Follow Up, T-SPOLST

Dunwoody City Council meets again on Monday evening, and Councilman John Heneghan, true to his word, had an update on the city's 911 services placed on the agenda
Two blog posts ago, I published an email by former Councilman Danny Ross on the progress  - or lack thereof - of service provider ChatComm's CAD-to-CAD (computer-aided dispatch) function (read July 14).
Since that time, I spoke with Councilman Terry Nall, who says don't be so quick to place all the blame on ChatComm, the private company hired by the city to replace DeKalb County's 911 services.  Terry says a lot of the issue lies within DeKalb County and two of its IT departments , which can't seem to get on the same page. 
And to add fuel to the fire - so to speak - DeKalb has pulled one of its rescue crews - Unit 12 - out of Dunwoody in order to serve other areas of the county. 
One other item on the agenda of note, longtime Dunwoody resident and remodelor Sam Portis will be added to the Design Review Advisory Committee.   Any committee that has Sam as a member is better for it!

T-SPLOST Prospects Look Dim

I found the following article on Dunwoody Patch concerning T-SPLOST very interesting.  In some respects, T-SPLOST makes a lot of sense.  In others, it makes no sense.  15 years ago Georgia legislatures had the opportunity to do the right thing and build a northern arc.  They didn't have the backbone.  And now the metro area suffers.  We still need a northern arc, however it's not part of the penny tax.  My inclination is to vote against T-SPLOST.   And I am very pleased to see the Ga.400 toll coming to an end, albeit 3 years too late.

By Perry Parks
Georgia Republicans' aversion to any kind of tax, and concern about riling the Tea Party, are helping to consolidate opposition to the state's one-percent sales tax referendum for transportation, UGA professor Charles Bullock said in an analysis of a Patch survey.

Patch's unscientific survey of about 60 state Republican activists, candidates and office holders showed overwhelming opposition to the TSPLOST referendum. Bullock, a longtime observer of Georgia politics, says that while the Tea Party didn't put up as many primary challengers to sitting Republican legislators as it had hoped, anti-tax pressure within the party remains high.
Click Dunwoody Patch to read full story.


SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

The (lack of) software development at the county level that isn't interfacing w/ ChattComm plus a fire station getting pulled from Dunwoody has NOTHING AT ALL to do with trying to shaft the city for incorporating, right? [/sarcasm]

Anonymous said...

TSPLOST is turning out to be a more compelling decision to many as various benefits are discussed.

Top advocate, Dave S. mentioned, "Don't let perfection be the enemy of the good,' when responding to
well-founded objections.


1.) Funds call center for those with mobility issues,

2.) Provides Dunwoody with an estimated $500,000 or more, per year in transportation revenue (Projects yet to be determined,)

3.) Cost to average homeowner is about $110, according to advocates,
not including large purchases,

4.) Property tax increases is the only other way to pay for Dunwoody transportation, quickly,


A.) People have little confidence GDOT will complete project list,

B.) People think project list will not reduce traffic - True, according to ARC's Hightower - But it won't make traffic worse either. ARC's long-stated position is to be able to keep traffic from getting worse. Growth is expensive, and if we continue to grow, this is our plight,

C.) The tax will never go away. Only if voted upon in ten years due to new projects or existing list is incomplete,

D.) How do we pay for transportation improvements? If not a penny now, how? Could be worse, gas tax increase or something else,

E.) Too much MARTA, Beltline, pet projects. If Atlanta benefits, the region will benefit, MARTA cannot fail and it will if left alone,

F.) Taxed Enough Already. Yep, and there will be more taxes. This one has a tangible benefit, like H.O.S.T.

Dunwoody has a real benefit on this, so study the nuances and as always, VOTE on JULY 31st.

Good Post(s) Bob and Rick!