Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Real Estate Update, Dunwoody News

As we approach the final weeks of July, time to update the Dunwoody real estate market.  We still have yet to see an increase in sales prices, however we have not seen a drop since January.  And that's a good thing when you consider the steady decline in sales prices each of the previous 13 quarters.
So, it appears that we have bottomed out.  Let's hope that's the case.  However, the housing market is tied to the jobs market, and until we see a decrease in the unemployment numbers, don't expect to see an increase in pricing.
The last two months, a total of 50 single-family, detached homes sold in zip codes 30338 and 30360 with a median sales price of $350,000.   The highest sale was $882,500.  The lowest was $160,000. 
To view any of the sold homes in the past two months (with photos), click on the first link (the list price is top right.  The sales price is bottom left).  To view sold homes in a line item report, click on the second link.

There are currently 124 active homes listed for sale in Dunwoody, with a median asking price of $376,950.  To view any of the active listings, click on the link below.  Of course you can always check active listings by clicking on the home at the top left corner of my blog at  By the way, that is my newest Dunwoody listing above.  For full details, click on the photo.  It's a fabulous renovation with open floorplan zoned to Kingsley Elementary School, listed for $315,000. 

Congrats to Dunwoody city officials for putting the kibosh on its wayfinding signage program.  The signs were awful looking and the price was too high (read Dunwoody Talk for more details and opinions).  About four or five weeks ago, I was asked to be a member of a focus group for the signs.  I expressed my opinion then that they would never fly in Dunwoody.  The city contracted with a company from Pittsburgh to design the signs, and as well intentioned as its employees were, the signs just didn't speak Dunwoody. 
The following was taken from the city's release on the suspension of the program, and I couldn't agree more.  "Mayor and council asked for input and received it from many residents (either by email or via posts on blogs and news web sites) and took action based on that input. Thanks to Mayor Davis, our city council members, and staff for doing the right thing."
Now if the city would start to slowly but surely lose the Walmart logo and "Smart City" tagline!!!

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