Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crime Report

Below is the police crime report for the North Precint of DeKalb County (the new city of Dunwoody) from August 1 to August 16:

  • Theft By Shoplifting: 25
  • Theft By Taking: 18
  • Entering An Auto: 15
  • Auto Theft: 6
  • Robbery (Business): 1
  • Burglary (Residential): 4
  • Burglary (Business): 2
Breaking down some of the numbers: One of the auto thefts took place in a residential neighborhood in Dunwoody. The 4 residential burglaries were all in multi-family housing. Most all of the shoplifting took place in the Perimeter Mall area.


John said...

I would like to see a pledge by you (and anyone running for office) that any type of crime - particularly a violent crime or one against personal property will be dealt with in the harshest of manners. No more sissy pandering to criminal rights groups or any demographic. You don't want Dunwoody turning into a warzone. Just sayin'

Bob Fiscella said...


I agree with don't need to be pandering to criminals and their rights. Hopefully our increased police presence and strick courts will send a message to would-be criminals. Don't Mess with Dunwoody!