Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crawford Lewis Speaks at Dunwoody High

Thanks to the efforts of the Dunwoody Chamblee Parents' Council, DeKalb County School System Superintendent Dr. Crawford Lewis spoke at Dunwoody High School on Wednesday giving his "state of the school system address." Enrollment in DeKalb County Schools is now 99,476. While enrollment is up, the budget is getting slashed, in large part because of the Governor's two percent cut to the state budget, which amounts to over $10 million in losses to the school system. Dr. Lewis also said that every time fuel rises one cent, it cost the school district $21,000 annually.
Dr. Lewis did speak about the new 4th/5th grade Academy off Womack Rd. He said construction is on schedule and that the school will be ready to open in time for the 2009-2010 school year. He also said the Academy will have one foreign language program. He was also asked about replacing trailers at Austin and Vanderlyn with modular units, but said at this time it was cost prohibitive. As for the Old Chamblee Middle School, Dr. Lewis said it will not become a 6th grade academy, as some have speculated. He said the property will not be sold, because at some point in the future it may be needed by the school system.
Of the 16 candidates running for elected office in Dunwoody, only John Heneghan and myself attended the meeting. I thought it was important to be there and learn first hand.

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