Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Election Results

Dear Friends,

My family and I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your support in my campaign for Dunwoody City Council. We put our best foot forward (which is my right foot, as I am still recovering from torn ligaments in the left one), but unfortunately came up short. Here are the final numbers from my race – District 2, Local:

Adrian Bonser 44% 1029 votes
Larry Pankey 36% 829 votes
Bob Fiscella 20% 461 votes

*Adrian and Larry are headed for a runoff in three weeks.

While the final results are not what I hoped for, I believe the fight was worth fighting and my message of telling the truth and running a race with dignity was widely accepted. Despite the fact that I was outspent at the astronomical rate of 25-to-1 by each of my opponents, we still got 1 of every 5 votes. To put the best spin on it (and what would politics be without spin) it cost my opponents about $27 per vote. It cost me about $3.

It was truly an amazing experience. Not to mention a learning experience. If you ever want the minutia of the new city budget, stop by for a beer. Or two. Or three.

The best part of running for office is all the wonderful people I had the opportunity to meet. And to learn who my true friends are, and just how much they care.

I hope to thank all of you in person sometime very soon.



PS A very special thanks to my de facto campaign manager Greg Crnovich, who doesn’t know how to say NO!!!

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