Friday, March 20, 2009

Creekview - Who Knew?

Did you know that there is a subdivision 'within' Springfield? It is called Creekview and it is off Courtleigh Dr. Creekview consist of three homes that were built in the late-80's. Originally, the property was site of Springfield's pool. From what I'm told, the residents of Springfield purchased the pool from the developer, and later sold it to another developer, who hired a builder to construct the three homes. Well, one of the homes is now on the market, with one of my fellow Keller Williams agents. It's a beautiful 5-bedroom home with a sales price of $675,000.
For more on this home, click on the link below:

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Steve Barton said...

Bob: Thanks for the history lesson on this interesting little street. Back in elem. school my daughter often visited a friend there and I have always been curious on how those three houses got tucked in there. Subscribing to your blog. -- Steve Barton, Lakeland Woods Ct