Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lost Dog; Potty Run

One of our Springfield neighbors has found a dog.  Please read below - if you know the owners contact me at 404-644.5220, and I'll pass it along.
Hello neighbors:
I hoping that someone can help me! We found a female brown/white Husky running loose in traffic around Womack Road. We brought her home, and we are trying to find her owners. She is not micro-chipped. She seems to be well-taken care of, and I’m sure that someone will be distraught when they discover that she is missing. I’ve called 5 neighborhood vets and Animal Control and the Humane Societies to leave her description and my contact info if someone calls them to try to locate her.
I’m hoping that her owner will receive this email – or someone will recognize her description as a dog belonging to a neighbor. I do not recall ever having seen her in our neighborhood.
Just let me know if you can help –
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Chip said...

I was once slammed by you for obviously "having too much time on my hands" because I found a couple of hilarious websites and videos.

I think you have definitely surpassed me in that category.

Get to work, willya!!

Bob Fiscella said...

Chip - you got me!