Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trash Service, Dunwoody Elementary Update

If you want to keep DeKalb County as our sanitation service provider, now is the time to speak up.  The city of Dunwoody is holding a series of three public forums to discuss trash pick up, the first meeting is tomorrow night at city hall.  I plan on attending, but probably can't stay for the entire meeting as the Georgia Tech-Miami game is on TV and could be a classic!  For more information click here for the Sanitation Services web page or contact Jeff Timler at or 678.382.6809 or Kimberly Greer at or 678.382.6805.
I attended the coffee with Dunwoody Elementary principal Johnathan Clark last night at the school.  It was an informal gathering in which Mr. Clark gave an undate on the first month.  Among the topics Mr. Clark discussed, the ELT (extended learning time) program, the lack of a scheduled recess and traffic.  He said if you drop off your child in the morning and are tired of the traffic in the parking lot, come a few minutes early.  He said if you arrive by 7:15, there is hardly a car to be found.  He also reminded parents to sign-up for the school's email calendar.

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