Friday, September 18, 2009

Sticking with DeKalb Sanitation?

I apologize I was unable to attend the city of Dunwoody public forum at city hall last night concerning the future of our sanitation services. I wimped out! Between the weather, the Georgia Tech game on TV (what an embarrassing evening for the Jackets), and helping my wife (how can I say no), I never made it. Fortunately, fellow blogger Rick Callihan was there and has a great recap on his site Dunwoody Talk.
According to Rick, it appears highly doubtful that we will be leaving DeKalb services anytime soon. Two representatives from the county were there and basically said that if Dunwoody wants to stay with DeKalb it can! And, at the same rate the rest of the county's incorporated areas are being charged. Again, Rick has a much more thorough account of what transpired, right down to the fact that council members were relegated to the cheap seats (the same seats that the rest of us sit on at city council meetings), albeit with custom cushions for their bottoms (Rick, is this really true?)!


Rick Callihan said...

If council had arrived with custom seat cushions, I would have found a camera (even if I had to go buy one at a nearby retailer). They sat in the uncomfy chairs like everyone else, no cushions.

Bob Fiscella said...

Rick - I was hoping that was the case!