Monday, June 13, 2011

The agenda for tonight's city council meeting calls for discussion of Dunwoody's park plans.  The question is not whether Dunwoody has enough park space or that the existing space needs improvements (the answer to both is a definitive YES), instead, the question becomes is now the time to ask citizens to pay more in city taxes to fund projects to remedy the situation?  Remember, an additional city tax would be on top of a significant increase in county taxes and perhaps a doubling of our water bills (is there anyone else who would like to reach into my pocket?  Oh, did I mention DeKalb County School System)?
Of course will all that said, there may never be a better time for the city to purchase land for future park space, as the price of real estate hits rock bottom.  And not only would the purchase of land add to our much needed greenspace, but could prevent further over-contruction of apartments in Dunwoody (See City Purchases PVC Farm).
Clearly, council has a difficult decision.  But ultimately the decision is likely to rest with the citizens of Dunwoody, as council appears set to put a referendum on the November ballot allowing us to decide.
Would you vote "yes" for such a referendum?  Please cast your vote now (top left), and pass this along to your friends to allow them to vote.

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