Monday, June 6, 2011

News from Sunday Night's DHA Meeting

You never know what you're gonna get when attending a Dunwoody Homeowner's Association meeting.  At Sunday night's June meeting, longtime Dunwoody resident Bob Dallas said that he will announce next week he is running for mayor.  Dallas served as the Governor's Director of Highway Safety under Sonny Perdue.  Dallas is also a former member of the DeKalb County Planning Commission for Elaine Boyer, as well as a member of Dunwoody Yes. Meantime, Dunwoody attorney Jamie Sibold, who has lost two well-funded campaigns to Fran Millar for State Representative and State Senate, was on hand to say he will be on a three-month "listening tour" to determine if he will run for mayor. 
While Dallas said that transportation and parks were of utmost importance, Sibold stressed how Dunwoody needed to be business-friendly. 
Current mayor Ken Wright is stepping down in November when his term expires. 
Folks have asked me if I am considering running for city council again (I ran, unsuccessfully I might add, in 2008).  The answer is yes, I am considering it, but have not made a final determination.  Serving on the council is a huge commitment - hats off to those that do!

The DHA announced is it adding a "Dunk Tank" to the closing ceremonies at the 4th of July parade.  The Tank proved popular at Lemonade Days.  Already Dallas, Councilmen John Heneghan and Doug Thompson plus Dunwoody farmer Bob Lundsten have graciously agreed to be dunked.  All proceeds will go to a patriotic charity yet to be determined.

Are you ready for a second Walmart in Dunwoody?  Ready or not, Walmart is opening a second store within the borders of the city (thanks to the comment from Chip, the Walmart is actually in Gwinnett, just across the Dunwoody border).  However, it will not be your typical 100,000 square-foot Supercenter.  Instead, it will be a 40,000 square-foot Neighborhood Market (similar to the one pictured).  The location of the store will be at the corner of Peeler Rd. and Winters Chapel Rd. - formerly the site of an Hispanic grocery store, Wayland Foods and Piggly Wiggly.


Chip said...

Blogger Bob:

The old Winn-Dixie, Wayfield Foods, site is split between DeKalb and Gwinnett Counties. The buildings are clearly within Gwinnett County, not Dunwoody. A small portion of the parking lot is on the DeKalb side of the line, and technically in Dunwoody. So whether the new Wal-Mart is within the borders of Dunwoody is questionable.

Dunwoody Mom said...

Sounds like a "Fresh Market" type of store, but my guess without the "Fresh Market" prices.

However, I do love "Fresh Market".

themommy said...

While Wal Mart is not my favorite store, that is awesome news for that area. Empty commercial real estate is really hard to fill right now and so I think it is a great addition to the area.