Thursday, June 9, 2011

Meet Mike Davis, Candidate for Mayor

Normally my kids would not be too thrilled to meet a candidate for mayor of Dunwoody (alright Ken, they were excited when they met you)!  But tonight was an easy sell.  When I told them Mike Davis was launching his campaign this evening at 7:30pm at Village Burger, and that VB's fabulous frozen custard was on him, they said "we're so there, Dad!"  Hopefully Mike's invitation to complimentary custard is not limited to registered voters.  If so, Jack and Danielle will take a pass.  Sorry.
What kind of mayor would/will Mike make?  In truth, I can't answer that question.  My only direct contact with Mike was a year ago when my Knights of Columbus council was selling hot dogs and brats at the Dunwoody Music Festival.  Somehow, Mike got my name and gave me a call saying he had 300 hot dogs left over from a St.Jude function, would I like them (no the hot dogs had not been sitting for hours on the grill, instead they were in unopened packages)?  Of course my answer was a definitive YES!  True to his word, Mike showed up the first morning of the music festival and deliver 300 hot dogs (by the way, all of them were sold - our favorite charities like the Elaine Clark Center and I-CARE were very grateful).  I didn't get to spend much time with Mike that day, but I'm looking forward to hearing his thoughts on Dunwoody tonight.

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