Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sadly, D-Day Loses Its Impact

Monday came and went with little fanfare.  Which is a shame. Monday was the 67th anniversary of D-Day, a day in which 9,000 Allied soldiers, mostly Americans, selflessly lost their lives while storming the beaches of Normandy.  Many never even had a fighting chance.  Despite the heavy human losses, the successful invasion was the turning point in the war; clearly the springboard to victory in Europe (click on the photo above for an amazing slide show of the invasion).
The premise of the film Saving Private Ryan is rather ridiculous (so said an old friend of mine who served in General Patton's 3rd Army in Europe); putting the lives of eight soldiers on the line in persuit of finding one.  But the film's scenes from Omaha Beach are chilling.  Click on the photo below to watch.  America owes these men a debt that can never be repaid.

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