Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Davis, Nall Sweep to Victory

2011 Runoff Election Results 

Mike Davis, 3432, 60 percent
Dallas - 2267, 40 percent

Council Post 4
Terry Nall - 3699, 65 percent
Robert Wittenstein - 1980, 35 percent

Mike Davis

I'll have to admit, I expected the runoff for Mayor and City Council District 1 to be decided by a razor-thin margin.  It was anything but.
Mike Davis and Terry Nall swept to easy victories Tuesday night.  Despite being outspent 3-to-1, Davis easily defeated Bob Dallas to become mayor-elect.  He will replace the outgoing Ken Wright.  Meantime, Nall's margin of victory over incumbent Robert Wittenstein was even more impressive, as he collected 65 percent of the vote.

Terry Nall
It's not hard to figure out why Davis and Nall won handily, as both were against the ill-advised parks' bonds that were soundly defeated last month, and Davis appears to have benefited from all the negative literature distributed by the Dallas' campaign in the last couple of weeks.  Kudos to Davis' volunteer campaign advisors Heyward Wescott and Brent Morris, who out-smarted Dallas' highly-paid consultants.  Let this be a lesson for future candidates in Dunwoody - this city's voters will not tolerate negative campaigns. 
How will the election of Davis and Nall change city hall?  Expect core projects like roads and infrastructure to take a greater priority.  In the words of Terry, "we need to separate the needs from the wants."


Heyward said...

How will the election of Davis and Nall change city hall?
I would like to add what Mike said last night...
"We need to stop buying stuff and start fixing stuff"

Brent M said...

The community support was astounding! Many volunteers used their good name and their time to help Dunwoody earn a victory with Mike Davis and Terry Nall.

Special thanks to Village Burger and Dunwoody Tavern for keeping us fat & happy throughout the campaign!