Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Need a Role Model?

Need a role model for your children?  Forget about our politicians and public leaders.  Eventually most of them will let us down.  Instead,  point your children in the direction of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.  The kid is a winner.  Plain and Simple.  And he does it with class.   Never a negative word about anyone.
Seemingly every NFL pundit wants Tebow to fail.  They'll tell you what he can't do, and why he can't do it.  They'll tell you how he doesn't have an NFL-caliber arm.  How his footwork is poor.  How he can't read defenses. 
And despite all his flaws, he just keeps winning.  Tebow won two National Championships at the University of Florida, and since he took over as the Broncos starting quarterback this year, the team has won seven of eight games, three of those in overtime.  The Broncos are now in first place, battling for their first playoff berth since 2005.  
Even if you're not a football fan, Sunday afternoon's game against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots is must-see TV.
I'll be rooting for Tebow.

Click on the photo to watch a story that helps define who Tim Tebow is.

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