Friday, December 23, 2011

Political Odds and Ends

It's two days before Christmas, thought I'd pass along a couple of interesting political items. 

Why is our federal government in financial straits?  Our elected officials just don't get it.  However, a simple two-minute lesson from CNBC's financial expert Rick Santelli is all they need.  Watch the short video below.  It's a straight-forward explanation of why our national debt will not be shrinking anytime soon. 

Can't decide which presidential candidate to vote for in 2012?  USA Today has helped simplify the process  - or at least made it more entertaining - with a "candidate match game."  Click on the graph below, then click on "Begin the Quiz" and answer then 10 questions to help determine which candidate's views align with your own.  Wouldn't this have been great to have for Dunwoody's last election.

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Kerry de Vallette said...

Bob - nice story. I saw Rick Santelli's spot on Squawkbox and it is spot on.