Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vote on Tuesday

A reminder that there are two important runoff elections for Dunwoody City Council on Tuesday.  Turnout is expected to be very low, so don't forger to vote because your vote will count. 
I've had quite a few folks ask me who to vote for.  My simple advice is to vote for the candidate whose values most align with your own. 
In the race for City Council, District 1, I will tell you that I am voting for Terry Nall.  While I appreciate everything Robert Wittenstein has done in helping start the city, over his three-year term he has lost touch with his constituents.  How else to explain his firm backing of a parks plan that would have raised our out-of-pocket taxes almost 100 percent, which was rejected by two-thirds of the population.  I agree with Terry Nall's measured plans for improving our parks.  I also feel Terry's idea of transparency in government aligns with mine.  Dunwoody Farmer Bob wrote a nice blog piece on why Terry is his choice.  I urge you to read it.

To me, the mayor's race is a much more difficult decision.  Again, like the council race, I personally like both candidates.  I feel Bob Dallas has the decided edge in government experience, however, I am utterly disappointed in how negative he has allowed his campaign to turn.  Unfortunately, he has unwittingly followed the advice of his political consultants (do those running for office in Dunwoody really need paid political consultants)?  I have real problems with this.  It shows a complete lack of judgement and leadership.  Despite Bob's depth of experience, I question whether he is more prepared to lead the city that Mike Davis.  I can find a half-dozen reasons to vote for each candidate.  I am voting for Davis. 

Take my thoughts for what they are, but bottom line, regardless of candidate, please vote on Tuesday!

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