Friday, December 17, 2010

Expect DeKalb Tax Bill To Rise Sharply

Burrell Ellis
Love or hate the City of Dunwoody, give our Mayor, City Council and City Manager big-time credit.  They have held the line on taxes.   With that said, expect to see a major jump in the DeKalb County portion of your tax bill (which is a huge percentage of your tax bill compared with the percentage controlled by the city).  DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis' proposed budget for 2011 includes a a 2.32 mill property tax increase.  According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the average $200,000 home will have its annual tax bill rise $264 under the CEO’s proposal (read the complete story by clicking on AJC).   Combine this with a 49 percent increase over the next 4 years in our water and sewer bill - and we're talking about a serious increase!


Robert Wittenstein said...

Dunwoody's average home price is higher than the county as a whole. The average Dunwoody resident will see their DeKalb County property taxes rise $371 per year.

Bob Lundsten said...

to this add the proposed Property Tax increase by the CEO and it is going to be a bad year for the wallets in Dunwoody.
Residents in DeKalb should be shouting from the hill tops for DeKalb to reduce the number of County employees, cut non essential services and control spending before asking for what will be an increase of 300-500 bucks a year for homeowners.
Bob Lundsten