Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jester Wins School Board Position

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If Nancy Jester works as hard as a member of the DeKalb County School Board as she did getting elected (and there's no reason to think she won't), brighter days could be ahead for the DeKalb County School System, still trying to dig itself out from under the scandals that have rocked the system.  Tuesday night, Jester received 55 percent of the runoff vote to defeat incumbent Jim Redovian and claim the District 1 position.  Among the issues Jester ran on:  improving academic achievement, reforming the budget (zero-based, from bottom up) and finding and hiring a reform-minded, innovative superintendent. 
Perhaps the best news for residents of DeKalb County is that challenger Donna Edler defeated incumbent Zapora Roberts to win the District 7 seat.  Roberts' work on the board has been highly questionable at times, while Edler appears to have a much better command of the issues.  Edler received better than 72 percent of the vote.
It was a tough loss for Redovian, who was elected to the position in 2006 when he ran unopposed.  Redovian definitely gave Dunwoody schools their just due when it came to funding from the DeKalb, but he couldn't escape the shadows of the scandal involving superintendent Crawford Lewis and chief of operations Pat Pope.

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