Thursday, December 16, 2010

Odds & Ends

Vanderlyn Singers perform last night at Dunwoody Library
Last night the Vanderlyn Singers sounded amazing in performing at the Dunwoody Library, tonight the place to be in Dunwoody is St.Luke's Church as its stages its live Nativity Scene (animals included).  The public is invited. 

Live Nativity scene at St.Luke's
Pruitt's Last Newscast

Tomorrow night marks the final newscast for WBS-TV's John Pruitt, who's been an Atlanta staple since 1964.  It will be sad to see John go, a news anchor who actually put the news ahead of himself (rare in today's climate)!  The Atlanta Journal Constitution with a nice article on John in today's edition.

By Bo Emerson

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

After 46 years in the business, John Pruitt will anchor his last news broadcast Friday. He still remembers his first story.
A new arrival at WSB-TV in July 1964, the 22-year-old Pruitt was sent to help haul equipment to cover a speech by Mississippi Gov. Ross Barnett. Barnett’s white audience, assembled to protest the Civil Rights Act, suddenly discovered a group of black counterprotesters in their midst and began beating them with feet, fists and folding chairs.

The untrained Pruitt was tossed a camera and told to get film of the audience. His disturbing footage of the beating made the network news that night.
“In a strange way, it was exhilarating,” Pruitt said Tuesday as he sat at his modest cubicle in the cavernous newsroom for Channel 2 Action News at WSB's Midtown headquarters. “You’re there. You are the instrument that brings that scene to so many others.”
With that experience, the Davidson graduate was hooked. “I thought I had found a job I could love,” Pruitt said.
Click AJC to read full story.

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