Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Alright, so maybe our Dunwoody Christmas isn't as white as the photo above, but nonetheless it is snowing!   Right now in our house it's that calm before the storm.  Or at least the calm between opening Christmas presents and enjoying a Christmas feast. 
The down time has allowed me to pick up today's Atlanta Journal Constitution and enjoy a very nice article on Dunwoody's own Sustainable Pattie, Pattie Baker, written by April Hunt.  Pattie is about all things green in Dunwoody.  She walks the walk.  I would share the article with you, or at least the link, however the AJC doesn't appear to have it in its online edition.  Of course, you can always click on the Sustainable Pattie link on the DunwoodyUSA homepage to read and learn more from Pattie.
Time to go eat!


Dunwoody Mom said...

Here is the link to the AJC article. They were a day late in posting:

Bob Fiscella said...

Dunwoody Mom - thanks!